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Update 14th August 2014

Ellie will be enjoying her 7th birthday in 4 days time and today I have heard from Deborah and David. Deborah tells me that both her and David have had a very difficult few years for varying reasons but the one thing that has helped them get through all their troubles is Ellie. I am always amazed when I hear stories like this, the love of a dog can bring so much joy and inner peace.
Thankyou Deborah and David for continuing to give Ellie a wonderful home and long may she bring you a reason to carry on.

Below are a couple of photos of Ellie on one of her holidays





Update 18th August 2012

Today is Ellie's 5th birthday and she has apparently celebrated it with an Ice Bun - lucky girl. As you can see she commands the best seat in the house :-)




 And here she is again looking very content :-)

Lots of love and kisses are sent to Ellie on her special day xxxxx 



Update January 2012

Ellie has spent her first christmas with her new family. In the 2 pictures below you will see she is looking relaxed and happy sporting her new hairdo :-)     






Update July 2011 

I am currently aware of some viscious rumours being put about regarding the reasons why Ellie had to be rehomed. Please be assured that the reason for her going to a wonderful new home are totally genuine.

I am aware of who the perpetrator of these rumours is and am sickened that someone who has absolutely no knowledge of our circumstances takes it upon themselves to be so nasty and spiteful.

I am almost certain that the stress that this woman caused me in early July 2011 had a direct contributory factor to my subsequent Stroke on the 9th. I hope she is very proud of herself 


Update June 2011

Ellie has been on holiday to Pembrokshire. Below are a few photos of her in this beautiful part of our country. Whilst on holiday Ellie took a real liking to vanilla ice-cream cornets - lucky girl!!







Update May 2011

We have received some lovely pictures of Ellie in her new home. We are so pleased to see that she looks happy and contented. 

 Ellie nicely settled in her new home


Update - April 2011

Due to circumstances beyond our control Ellie had to be rehomed in March 2011 via the OES Welfare. Many thanks to John W & Dee M for finding Ellie a lovely home. It was a heart wrenching decision we had to make but we did in the best interests of Ellie. We have been promised updates on how she is getting on and will hopefully post any new photos here.


Winter 2010 - 2011

Due to unforeseen circumstances Ellie had to be speyed in October 2010 therefore there will be no more puppies from her. She is now enjoying her early retirement with my son who lives just a few miles away. We get to see her on a regular basis and still enjoy our walks etc together.



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