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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you show your dogs?
1. Yes, all the shows that our dogs attend are recorded on this site, usually on the dog's own page
2. Do I have to be experienced in the breed before I start showing?
2. No, this is a common misconception. Anyone can show their pedigree dog at Kennel Club licenced events regardless of experience. We are always happy to welcome new people into the breed
3. Do you always have puppies available?
3. No, definitely not. We are not puppy farmers and will only breed when we feel it is the right time to do so. As a result of this anyone wanting one of our puppies may have to wait up to 2 years.
4. Do you health screen your dogs before breeding?
4. Yes, we follow the Kennel Club guidelines regarding health screening plus we go further with tests that are not currently required by the KC but are pertinent to the OES.
The health tests we complete are: Hip Scoring, Elbow Scoring, Annual eye testing, BAER hearing tests, DNA tests including PCD, EIC, CA and MDR1 being the main ones. 
5. Are you a Kennel Club Assured Breeder?
5. Yes. We have passed our inspection and our current certificate expires on 30th April 2018 
6. How do i enquire about getting one of your puppies?
6. We require all prospective puppy owners to complete our puppy enquiry form which is available under the puppies section or by clicking the green link. Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.
7. Do you have your puppies tails docked?
7. As of 6th April 2007 it became illegal in the UK for tails to be docked. Therefore, in accordance with the current UK law all our puppies will have their tails intact. 
Also, we will NOT knowingly sell a puppy to anyone abroad who may wish the tail to be docked so that the puppy can then be shown in that country.
8. Can I buy a puppy as a present/gift for someone else?
8. Historically, puppies that are bought as presents have a significantly higher chance of either being returned to the breeder or given up for rehoming. Therefore, I will not allow any puppy to be a present especially around Christmas time. If I ever have puppies around Xmas time they will stay with me until at least the first week in January. No exceptions.
9. If I buy one of your puppies, what aftersales support can I expcet to receive?
9. As much or as little as you want. I will be available right throughout your puppy's life for any support that you need. Your puppy will come to you with a comprehensive puppy pack, 4 weeks free insurance and a bag of food. If for any reason you cannot continue to look after him/her then I will take the dog back, no questions asked and at any time of the day or night.
10. How much is one of your puppies?
10. At present our puppies are priced at £1100. We reserve the right to change this price at any time.
Puppies going abroad will be subject to further charges including but not exclusively, board, vaccinations, blood tests, wormer, flea treatment, transportation costs, vet bills, documentation etc
11. Will my puppy be microchipped?
11. Yes, I am a qualified micrchipper. When you come to collect your puppy it will already be micrchipped and registered as per the current UK law requirement
12. What will be the other costs of owning and keeping a dog? 
12. Ongoing will include the following:
~ feeding bowl / water bowl 
~ food / treats
~ time - for bonding with your dog, playing, walks,    grooming etc
~ collar and lead
~ grooming apparel - brush / comb etc
~ toys
~ bed / blanket
~ worming / flea treatment / vaccinations / vet bills
~ pet insurance
13. Will there be any restrictions on my puppy?
13. Initially there will be breeding restrictions placed on all of our puppies when they are registered with the Kennel Club. These restrictions will be fully explained and the conditions upon which they will be lifted will also be explained. 
14. If my circumstances change and I am no longer able to keep my dog what should I do?
14. When you buy your puppy you will be asked to enter into a contract with us. This contract will state that if for ANY reson whatsoever you cannot keep your dog (whatever its age) you MUST return the dog to me for rehoming. This is vitally important so that the dog does not end up in unscrupulous hands. There will be no refund (except in circumstances as described in the contract). In all cases all documentation also needs to be returned with the dog.
15. Will my puppy have had any vaccinations when I collect it?
15. Yes. Your puppy will have had its first injection at the very least
16. Do I have to pay a deposit for my puppy?
16. No. I do not ask for deposits to secure a puppy but if however you wish to make one then that is fine too. 
17. How should I pay for my puppy?
17. Cash is the preferred method. A puppy will not be released to you until payment is made in full.
18. My question has not been answered here. What can I do?
18. If you require any further information which is not available on this website please email me at hazylandoes@btinternet.com

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