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Grooming an OES

Grooming an OES takes alot of hard work and patience. To keep an Old English Sheepdog in full coat will require several hours of grooming every single week.

I am hoping to post some information about how to groom an OES on here very soon.

In the meantime, the pictures below show the results of not grooming an OES regularly. This poor boy (Floyd) was admitted to Wood Green Animal Shelter in August 2011. At 10 years old he had NEVER been groomed. His body was completely covered in matted hair which weighed over 2 stones. His toenails were so long that he could hardly walk. As you look at the pictures please think about whether you are prepared to take on the task of grooming. If you are at all unsure then an Old English Sheepdog is probably not the breed for you.

05/09/11 - I have received an e-mail today telling me that very sadly, due to his condition Floyd was put to sleep :-(




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