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Are you thinking about buying an OES Puppy?

Before deciding that an Old English Sheepdog is the dog for you, you need to do your research about the breed.

I have compiled some general information for you below. This is by no means comprehensive and is designed only as an overview. I highly recommend that you contact a local OES breed club or local respectable breeder and arrange a visit. There is also a wealth of information to be had on the internet, particularly the OES forums. To access some on-line links for information click here.

Characteristics of the OES
OES were primarily working dogs used for rounding up sheep. They are highly intelligent and intuitive, often acting without orders in order to complete their task.

When unoccupied or left to their own devices they become bored and often find their own amusements, usually by chewing your furniture, stair spindles, your most comfortable slippers/shoes, or anything that just happens to be on the floor. If left alone in the garden for long periods they will amuse themselves by digging lovely big holes or may even chew your fence.

OES have strong characters and can be very stubborn. Because they are intelligent and willing to work hard for you they need you to be their pack leader by leading them gently but firmly. Once they know what is expected from them they participate willingly and full of enthusiasm. OES are generally very loyal, faithful and loving with a kind and gentle disposition. They are not generally known to be a 'barky' breed (although there is the odd exception like my Bramley). They mostly enjoy being with YOU!

OES thrive on human companionship and do not like to be left alone for long periods. They will follow you everywhere from room to room and would even follow you to the lavatory if you let them. Considering they are a big dog they don't particularly need alot of space and will therefore do well in most size living accommodation.

OES have lots of energy and will quite happily charge around a large garden, or farmers field (if you are lucky enough to be allowed). However, they are just as happy to go for a nice long walk on a lead.

The ears are an area that need particular attention. Hairs constantly grow inside the ears and need plucking regularly. If not, they may become infected leading to unneccessary expensive veterinary appointments.

The paws also need checking regularly. Fur grows in between the pads and can quickly become matted by rain, mud, snow, ice, thorns and stones. This makes it painful for them to walk when this happens. If they are feeling uncomfortable with their pads they will constantly lick at their pads when they are laid down.

Finally, the coat! You need to ask yourself if you have the time and patience to keep your dog in full coat. Keeping the coat in pristine condition takes several painstaking hours of grooming every week. If grooming is neglected the coat very quickly becomes matted and if not dealt with will result in the dog having to be shaved. And talking of hair, you will need to be prepared to find hair everywhere - from the floor, to the sofa, your bed and you may even find the odd hair or two in your meal.






If all this information hasn't put you off, then continue to the next section about choosing your breeder and your puppy by clicking here.

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